Dosis Feludu


Dosis Feludu

Founder, CEO

Dosis is a visionary leader who is passionate about using technology to drive economic growth and solve real-world problems and empower marginalized communities.


Dosis launched BIITECH Solutions to create a company that would use technology to solve social and economic problems faced by marginalized communities, and to provide opportunities for underrepresented groups in the tech industry.

Under Dosis’ leadership, BIITECH Solutions continues to grow and has become a trusted partner to businesses and government agencies across the United States. 

The company specializes from technology consulting and software development to project management and business process optimization. 


BiiTech Solutions has launched several initiatives to support diversity and inclusion in the tech industry including IT training programs, mentorship programs, and entrepreneurship workshops for African Diasporas.


Dosis dedication to social impact and technology has earned him recognition as a thought leader in the industry. He frequently speaks at conferences and events sharing his insights on the importance of diversity and inclusion in technology, and the role that technology can play in solving social problems.


Dosis holds a Masters in Business from Liberty University. When he’s not solving problems, he enjoys reading, exercising, playing the Piano.