Delegate Foley Announce BIITECH’s Participation in Maryland’s Groundbreaking Service Programs

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Delegate Foley Announce BIITECH’s Participation in Maryland’s Groundbreaking Service Programs

GERMANTOWN, MD — 12/1/2023 — Delegate Foley are excited to announce the participation of BIITECH as a host site for the inaugural class of Service Year Option and Maryland Corps members, a partnership with the Maryland Department of Service and Civic Innovation.

The Maryland Department of Service and Civic Innovation in its first year is expanding service and volunteerism statewide, creating new pathways of service to meet community needs, enhance workforce development, and promote preparedness for both higher and vocational education. Roles at the host sites can range from academic tutoring, assisting in healthcare facilities, advancing public safety, to taking up environment conservation projects.

“We’re beyond excited to roll out these programs,” said Paul Monteiro, Maryland’s Secretary of Service and Civic Innovation, “they’re not just about offering opportunities but linking service, education, and job readiness into a unified, powerful experience.”

Delegate Foley “The Service Year Option and the Maryland Corps will ensure that Montgomery County’s future leaders get the chance to experience community involvement, which hopefully will inspire them to continue public service throughout their careers.  Results from these programs will benefit all residents of District 15, Montgomery County and the State of Maryland.”

“The launch of the Service Year Option and Maryland Corps Program represents a renewed commitment to cultivating opportunities and inspiring a spirit of service in Maryland, said Governor Wes Moore. “We’re not just launching programs; we’re connecting Marylanders to their communities and unlocking their potential in ways that will shape our collective future.”

About Maryland’s Service Year Option and Maryland Corps Programs:

The Service Year Option is a service opportunity for young adults who recently completed high school. Members earn at least $15 an hour and work at least 30 hours a week. Members gain both hard and soft skills through a service placement aligned with their area of interest, in addition to working with support coaches to develop and refine their post-service plans—whether they include college, career, or continued service.

Maryland Corps is a service opportunity for people of all ages. Like the Service Year Option, members earn a minimum of $15 dollars an hour working in organizations that provide job training and professional development. Program partnerships with both Maryland’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities and community colleges provide an additional level of collaboration and support for members, in addition to alignment with skilled trades and apprenticeship programs to facilitate transition into continued education or the workforce.

Following completion of their service year, participants in both programs will earn a completion award of $6,000 that may be accessed as a direct payment or as a deposit into a Maryland 529 Education Account for those pursuing their studies.

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